Thursday, February 8, 2007

Robot Love

Well looky here, two posts in two days. If I did my math right that means one post a day, which equals pat on the back for me for keeping up with this thing! (pat pat) to explain this post and the image, I'm starting a project of screen printed posters, many of which will revolve around the imagery of robots. So i decided to take inspiration from Mr. Stephen Bucher and do one robot a day. In the end I guess this will give me many robots to work with and hopefully some good ones to choose from. So day one of my daily robot posting, these two are in love! A little early for Valentines day but robot love can't wait you know. So hopefully the robots get more and more fun and inventive as the days pass, thanks all you fellow workers at Vision Design(probably the only people who will ever look at this blog, and maybe my mom) for checking in and supporting my new blog. I promise better things to come in the future.

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Annel said...


Your webpage is incredibly cool and I love the robot idea. Your mom gave me the link to your website. (hope you didn't mind) I love art and I like your designs. :) I'll be sure to forward your page to my friends.