Wednesday, February 7, 2007

My Very Very Very Very Very First Post!

To all that come to this magical place, Welcome! This is my very first blog-o-magiger so bear with me while I try to remember to give it my loving care of at least one post a week. I started this blog mainly as a place to post my work. And by work I mean "art" and by art I mean "graphic design that I pretend is any good sometimes". So here it is, my first post, accompanied by a shameless self promotion of my logo! (re-design coming sooooooooon). thanks for coming.


Curt said...

Wow Mr Elliott your site looks really really really cool. I cant wait to see what you will show us next. Perhaps something to do with your main squeeze. Keep up the awesome work and show us more art

Francis Alvarez said...

Hey really enjoyed your site, hopefully more to come.