Monday, March 5, 2007

Mr. Elliott Design Vol. 1

So it's been pretty much a week since my last post, which is the longest time I've waited between postings, but I have good reason. First off I haven't been just sitting around, things at school have been kicking up a bit but I've still been working on some more design goodness of my own. After a weekend of horrible computer trouble which ended with me having to re-install the entire OS on both my desktop and my laptop, I got to working on two promotional pieces for purchase (for cheap cheap cheap cheap!) because it gives me something to do with myself since the posters are done. First off is a t-shirt design I'm working on and will post later this week when I've finalized the design. Second is the big one and will take about a month before it's ready. I've decided to print up a book of all my favorite projects I've created on my free time, in school and so far at work. I'm already in the works of planning the book out and designing it's layout and what goes in and such. In this post is the working art for the cover that I put together tonight, I hope you like it, tell me what you think and I will keep you posted on how to get the book once it's finished. I'm really excited about this and even if no one ends up getting the darned thing it still will be worth it.