Friday, April 13, 2007

A Couple of things...

First off, wow, post number three for the day! If you don't check in often, be sure to check the last couple of posts to be sure you didn't miss anything important (like my shirts on!). And speaking of my shirts, if you tried to order one (which you did do right? right?!?!?!?!?) you probably got an error! Well, I have been in contact with the good people over at Bountee and they have discovered an error in their site and will be fixing it shortly. So stay tuned for that, keep checking back on that link!

Also, last but not lease, is having a button contest! The voting has now begun and yours truly has entered a button for you to vote on! So go on over to the link at the bottom of this post and show your support for me and my friend Samn and a third random one you may like! For Identification purposes I have posted both Mine (the robot) and Sam's (the little boy) at the top of this post, Thanks for reading!

Busy Beaver Button Contest!

Checky these sites out...

Patent Pending Design
Illustration Friday Blog


In the Event of an Approval...

Click Link and give an "I'd buy it" and a $5!

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