Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Call me a liar

So earlier I lied, I said I was done with the posters...but I did another. I guess I like doing them so much it was hard to sit around doing nothing when I had an idea in my head for another poster. So here it is, number 7 of my posters, i felt the Robot Factory needed one last poster design. So hopefully in the future on this blog I will be having more non-robot poster related design posts to stir things up a bit. Hope you like this one, it's probably (most likely) the last one.

The Triple Threat

So here we have my final three posters from the series i've been designing for myself and the band Robot Factory. For now this is it until I figure out how to get these screen printed (fingers crossed because I'm just learning). You may recognize one of them from a previous post but I changed to background to make it fit in with the series a little better and for that reason I am re-posting it. Enjoy.