Sunday, August 5, 2007

Illustration Friday - Missing

So here it is, a first try at Illustration Friday, a website with a weekly illustration topic, you should check it out!

This week the topic was Missing, and that was an all too fitting subject for this week to me. On Friday i lost my cat Oiler, she lived a long life of 17 years though. I can't remember a life without her so its been tough, so I based my illustration on her absence in my life now.

Looking at and doing this illustration brought up some frustrations I've been having lately with my work. I feel my illustration ideas are getting better and the style of them are getting better in my mind, but when I sit down to create my pieces I feel myself rushing and ultimately cutting too many corners and always letting myself down in terms of the quality and style of my work. So take a look, this is (hopefully) the last you will see of lazy corner cutting me and hopefully the quality of the work I do and post will go up and you will like it more and more and one day so much your heads will explode.

So I hope you enjoy this, and if Oiler is checking my blog in kitty heaven, this ones for you!