Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Design Friends

Hello friends and foes, I have all but completely and outrightly miss treated this blog as of late, but I promise these things will change in the near future for this poor neglected blog.

Until then, you can set your sets to a little blog contribution called Design-Friends me and my two friends from good ol' Art Institute, Danni and Mayra, are putting together and posting to twice a week.

Check out Danni and Mayra's blogs here and here (respectively).

I will be posting my first of hopefully many posts on that blog tomorrow night, but for now you can check out both posts by Danni and Mayra who seem to have made me look like a blog flake (as Mayra would put it).

Also, for now you can feast your eyes on my quick little design square I made for the blog tonight, my very first contribution!

See you all soon!


mye mye said...

hahah aww yay you're really doing it! nice blog square! :) cant wait to see your project and tutorial exercise! btw we decided we'll have a whole week to post. starting each Sunday ending sat.. so there isn't too much pressure ;)

Steph said...

nice square! i look forward to seeing what you and your design friends come up with.