Sunday, October 21, 2007

Business Cards

So here is a first shot at my personal business you may or may not know I am set to graduate in December and am currently working on my portfolio show set up. It was very much a difficult task for me even to arrive at this solution for my cards...there were MANY variations that I scrapped before this one which I think i like, what do you think?


Curt said...

Happy Birthday!

hey cool cards u gonna print some?

i got card stock if u want to make some. = )

Steph said...

makes me want chocolate

Steph said...

it isn't like you to go 10 whole days without a post. whats the deal yo?

dannihong ♥ said...

I like the card curtis. I think you should have something illustrated since that is your style and all, but that's just me. GOOD WORK, I'm sure you've already ordered them now you smartypants you.

MYE-art said...

I LOVE the first side. this card is so you! I love brown :) and i know u love it too :)

ya i like it simple. you're a simple guy.