Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Website coming Soooooooon.

So I have the first piece of my new website up, just a teaser page right now, but it's there! I know how everyone is SOOOOO excited for this new site, i just KNOW how you all can't wait So I am posting a link here for you to check it out. Don't worry though, for all you devoted followers out there who read my blog and check out my designs religiously (ha ha like anyone does that but my closest family and friends) I will keep up on this site forever, till like the end of time, and stuff like that. I will also provide a link to here on the new site, just like there is on the teaser page now.

And a few other things, just because I am a great Blogging guy and I post alot and keep this thing updated, don't be afraid to check out the older posts that get pushed back onto the other pages if you haven't looked at them yet, all posts shall be treated equally!

Also, if you do read this blog, post "I do" in the comments. And if that's to hard because you don't have a google account, then just email me at and just put "I do" in the subject line. Even if this is your first time reading my blog. Even if you may never come back here again, even if you hate me and even if you love me, just do it. I am curious to see how many responses I get, and if I don't get any, I will cry, and that will be on YOUR conscience, thanks.

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Curt said...

YES! the link works! cant wait to see more