Friday, February 23, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my Head

And here's another poster, number 4 to be exact, in my small series of posters that i'm designing around the theme of robots and me. When I did this one my girlfriend criticized me saying, "it's doesn't make sense that his thought bubble is raining on him". And to that I say, doesn't everyone get down from their own thoughts sometimes? I mean, isn't the source of most of our sadness our very own selves? I would say so, so this poster actually has alot more personal meaning than most things I design, despite what my girlfriend will tell you. Look close and see many little symbols and meaning, I dare you. Number 5 is on the way, hopefully it will be the best of the bunch because for now its the last of the series. Thanks for visiting and have a GRAND weekend.


Curt said...

This robot needs an umbrella like his fellow robot below. This will keep the rain from getting in his head and then Robot will be protected from sadness.

Janine said...

Mr Elliott,

Rain drops are going to be falling on my head if I dont get to see a new blog soon. Maybe this time with a little more sunshine this time, It is almost spring time. Loved the pics, and the new robots with the logo. Keep up the hard work. We really enjoy seeing what you are going to do next

Janine ( Mim )